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W e have spent many years writing about, reporting on and witnessing the luxury lifestyle. For the last decade this has been collated into our bespoke client publication – Halcyon Lifestyle (back issues are readable on our archive page).

Halcyon Lifestyle magazine is enjoyed in private jets, FBOs, private members clubs, yachts and in the suites of a galaxy of five-star hotels in the UK, across Europe and the wider world. Certain clients have also undertaken to distribute it within their VVIP networks.

The world of luxury comes in many guises. Whether it's a five-star hotel resort in the middle of the Indian Ocean or the latest supercar from an Italian manufacturer we look to cover them all.

There are more esoteric subjects too (such as the men who hunt with eagles or Istanbul's master musical craftsmen) and we love featuring them all. The key metric when we decide on an article is whether we deem it to be interesting and informative.

The 21st issue of Halcyon Lifestyle, the magazine, is in its press cycle now and will be distributed in the near future. There's so much to talk about as the world opens up after the last two years and we look forward to sharing it with you.

For content suggestions in upcoming issues or if you want to discuss advertising or sponsorship opportunities then feel free to contact us.

Latest articles

15 September 2023

Hurley House hotel: Japan-on-Thames

For goodness’ sake… Do yourself a favour this year and look closer to home when planning a weekend getaway.
15 September 2023

London exhibition of Rubens’ women

The Dulwich Picture Gallery has brought together a range of works to challenge popular perceptions of the world-renowned Flemish artist
13 September 2023

Rare Dutch collection goes to auction

The collection of Cornelius Paulus van Pauwvliet promises a treat for lovers of Dutch and French artworks from the 17th to 19th century
8 September 2023

Destinations: Croatia: Villa Nai 3.3

Born in nature and made of nature, the brand-new Villa Nai 3.3, on the stunning Croatian island of Dugi Otok, is set to become summer 2021's hottest opening
7 September 2023

Bespoke: Tengri takes ethical yak yarn to the catwalk

Fashion brand Tengri is using ethically sourced Mongolian yak yarn to create innovative and sustainable clothing lines to represent the label
6 September 2023

Port: not just for the cheeseboard

Portugal’s Douro Valley isn’t built for cars; better to revert to rail or boat to visit the home of port but there is no more beautiful vineyard landscape on earth
5 September 2023

Falconry: the sport of kings and princes

For the patient falconer this is the moment of truth; the falcon falls out of the sky, converting speed into a rapier strike against a hapless, fleeing grouse
4 September 2023

Comitti decision: the Perspex clock that’s fit for a queen

A Perspex furniture manufacturer, a traditional clock-maker and the Royal Warrant Holders Association have built a timepiece like nothing on earth
1 September 2023

Bespoke: Cufflinks; wrist decoration

Hand-made cufflinks aren't just a way of securing your sleeves. They're also a great way to set off a suit and create a talking point