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W e have spent many years writing about, reporting on and witnessing the luxury lifestyle. For the last decade this has been collated into our bespoke client publication – Halcyon (back issues are readable on our archive page).

Halcyon magazine is placed in private jets, in FBOs, in private members clubs and in the suites of a galaxy of five-star hotels in the UK, across Europe and, to a lesser extent, the wider world. Certain clients have also undertaken to distribute it within their VVIP networks.

With all that 2020 threw at the travelling world we launched this Halcyon Lifestyle website to collate and curate the many articles in our library. All of these are still highly relevant and informative and we believe you will enjoy them.

Of course we will continue to add new articles as suitable subjects come to our attention. For content suggestions or if you want to discuss advertising or sponsorship opportunities then feel free to contact us. Halcyon, the magazine, will return when the world can travel again.

Latest articles

21 January 2022

Destinations – top ten private island boltholes (pt1)

Halcyon Lifestyle has had a dig into past trips and consulted with those in the know and we present to you our top ten luxury island hideaways
19 January 2022

Driving: McLaren GT – supercar or grand tourer?

The new McLaren GT seeks to redefine the boundaries of grand touring. Is it a success or is it just a reimagined supercar?
12 January 2022

A brief history of casinos in England

The gaming we know today has roots that reach a long way back. Both the Tudors and the Stuarts were reputedly rather fond of a flutter
12 January 2022

Gainsborough’s Blue Boy returns to London

It’s been a long time… A full century, to be exact since Sir Thomas Gainsborough’s The Blue Boy was last seen at the National Gallery
11 January 2022

Firetree unwraps its latest chocolate temptations

British Chocolatier Firetree recently brought five more options to the luxury end of the chocolate market with its latest dark options
10 January 2022

Destinations – Aruba in the lesser Antilles

When the Caribbean comes to mind Aruba could really be the secret pearl in the luscious oyster of desirable destinations
7 January 2022

Timepieces: Struthers restores vintage watches

Based in a historic workshop in Birmingham, Rebecca and Craig Struthers restore antique timepieces and craft intricate modern-day heirlooms
6 January 2022

Hand-made shotguns: right on target

Traditionally, an English gentleman would have seen a hand-made shotgun as an essential item of countryside kit. There are those who say that it still is
5 January 2022

Secret Treasures: Blissful Caribbean hideaways

The eastern Caribbean islands run south in a line. Some of the most attractive destination propositions in the Caribbean come in discrete packages