Welcome to Halcyon Lifestyle

W e have spent many years writing about, reporting on and witnessing the luxury lifestyle. For the last decade this has been collated into our bespoke client publication – Halcyon (back issues are readable on our archive page).

Halcyon magazine is placed in private jets, in FBOs, in private members clubs and in the suites of a galaxy of five-star hotels in the UK, across Europe and, to a lesser extent, the wider world. Certain clients have also undertaken to distribute it within their VVIP networks.

With all that 2020 threw at the travelling world we launched this Halcyon Lifestyle website to collate and curate the many articles in our library. All of these are still highly relevant and informative and we believe you will enjoy them.

Of course we will continue to add new articles as suitable subjects come to our attention. For content suggestions or if you want to discuss advertising or sponsorship opportunities then feel free to contact us. Halcyon, the magazine, will return when the world can travel again.

Latest articles

26 April 2021

Driving: McLaren GT – supercar or grand tourer?

The new McLaren GT seeks to redefine the boundaries of grand touring. Is it a success or is it just a reimagined supercar?
20 April 2021

Destinations: Oman – Sahab and Dunes

Two luxurious yet contrasting resorts in Oman – a tented Arabian desert fantasy and a retreat on one of the country’s tallest mountains
14 April 2021

Property: France; April 2021 offerings

When it comes to buying property in France Leggett Prestige has some of the very best opportunities. Here are some more offerings
12 April 2021

Property: Barbados; April 2021 offerings

Come to Barbados where the welcome is a warm as the weather: there are property options for all tastes and budgets
12 April 2021

Property: Guernsey; April 2021 offerings

The Channel Island property marketing is booming and Livingroom Guernsey is at the forefront with exclusive offerings for all budgets
12 April 2021

Property: Jersey; April 2021 offerings

Island life couldn't be more appealing. Livingroom Jersey showcases some of the most spectacular properties ... whatever your budget
1 April 2021

Bespoke: Tengri takes ethical yak yarn to the catwalk

Fashion brand Tengri is using ethically sourced Mongolian yak yarn to create innovative and sustainable clothing lines to represent the label
1 April 2021

Destinations: sky-high Alpine openings

Skiers rejoice! These recent alpine openings combine the heights of luxury with easy access to some of the world’s greatest slopes
31 March 2021

Collecting: classic travel posters gain a following

With their vibrant colours, inspired designs and insights into an often-vanished world, classic travel posters are gaining in popularity among collectors