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W e have spent many years writing about, reporting on and witnessing the luxury lifestyle. For the last decade this has been collated into our bespoke client publication – Halcyon Lifestyle (back issues are readable on our archive page).

Halcyon Lifestyle magazine is enjoyed in private jets, FBOs, private members clubs, yachts and in the suites of a galaxy of five-star hotels in the UK, across Europe and the wider world. Certain clients have also undertaken to distribute it within their VVIP networks.

The world of luxury comes in many guises. Whether it's a five-star hotel resort in the middle of the Indian Ocean or the latest supercar from an Italian manufacturer we look to cover them all.

There are more esoteric subjects too (such as the men who hunt with eagles or Istanbul's master musical craftsmen) and we love featuring them all. The key metric when we decide on an article is whether we deem it to be interesting and informative.

The 21st issue of Halcyon Lifestyle, the magazine, is in its press cycle now and will be distributed in the near future. There's so much to talk about as the world opens up after the last two years and we look forward to sharing it with you.

For content suggestions in upcoming issues or if you want to discuss advertising or sponsorship opportunities then feel free to contact us.

Latest articles

23 February 2024

Driving: riding Ford’s iron horse; the Mustang

It’s not a subtle beast, but if you like your motors direct and to the point, then the Ford Mustang may be worthy of a place in your stable
22 February 2024

Chandeliers: George Singer shines a light

London-based George Singer has made a name for himself creating chandeliers of epic proportions and intricacy
21 February 2024

Driving: Hennessey Velociraptor – triple treat

Long, low, sleek and mighty, Rolls-Royce’s Ghost is the very essence of a dichotomy: indisputably huge and yet surprisingly subtle.
20 February 2024

Wine: France, Château Smith-Haut-Lafitte

Florence and Daniel Cathiard have spent the best part of three decades transforming the fortunes of a derelict wine estate in the Bordeaux region
19 February 2024

Salvage furniture: Plane Industries revitalises cast-offs

Harry Tucker and his brother, Ben, began their aviation-focused design and furniture business in 2012 despite having no formal training in the sector
16 February 2024

Driving: Rolls-Royce raises the roof with the Dawn

Despite incessant rain forcing the roof to stay up, the Rolls-Royce Dawn proves its worth on a trip from one end of France to the other
15 February 2024

Falconry: the sport of kings and princes

For the patient falconer this is the moment of truth; the falcon falls out of the sky, converting speed into a rapier strike against a hapless, fleeing grouse
15 February 2024

Driving: revitalised and restored classic cars

A small Welsh bespoke specialist engineering has recently taken the classic car world by storm: by building ‘new’ classic Mercedes sports cars
14 February 2024

Aberfeldy – the Highlanders’ golden dram

This year marks 175 years since the founding of John Dewar's & Sons. A lesser known single malt – Aberfeldy – from its distillery, is making waves