Tim Griffiths


Tim is the son of missionaries and was born and raised in Haiti, the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. His background is eclectic having studied modern languages at undergraduate level, worked in retail and hotels, attained a Masters degree in Mass Communications and a second in Sports Law. Tim 'accidentally' fell into advertising sales for magazines in 1996 and has first-hand experience of all departments within publishing. Indeed, his first Masters thesis was on the industry.

Working with high-profile clients like Harrods Aviation, The R&A, CNN, the Duke of Edinburgh and the London Philharmonic Orchestra over the last quarter of a century has given Tim a deep understanding of the luxury lifestyle.

An occasional golfer with a wonky swing, Tim loves to imagine that better golfing days are yet to come. His heart lies with rugby but there are occasional valiant attempts to improve his handicap.

Dan Hayes


Dan has edited and produced publications for a variety of high-profile organisations, including AOL Time-Warner, the London Metal Exchange, the Outward Bound Trust, Sainsbury's, the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and American Express.

He is a former editor of the award-winning CNN Traveller, the global news provider's worldwide travel magazine, and in this role was nominated for the BSME Editors' Editor of the Year Award.

Dan played rugby league for Cambridge University and rugby union for Rosslyn Park, Ealing and Hampstead RFCs. He has also spent many seasons playing cricket in the Middlesex League. Unfortunately, this means that many of his golf shots resemble cover-drives.

Alan White

Client Services Director

Alan is one of the publishing world's originals having started in the industry in the 1990s after a spell working in the City of London. As a project manager he was responsible for the record-breaking Ryder Cup newsstand publication in 1997 which ran to a staggering 450 pages. He negotiated the rights to become the UK's first publisher of the official Masters tournament magazine as well as the official publisher of the Open Championship newsstand title – a relationship that lasted for nearly twenty-five years.

Alan is a gifted negotiator who has a little black book of contacts that is unrivalled in the publishing industry. His personal relationships span car manufacturers to watch brands, from governmental officers to CEOs of blue-chip multi-nationals. A lateral thinker, Alan will always have a solution to any situation that may arise and, as such, is the perfect person to help clients get their message out in the perfect way, at the perfect time, to the perfect audience.

Michael Deveraux

Content Marketing Director

Michael and Alan come as something of a team. The joke in the office is that they're really brothers as they so often have the same thoughts at the same time and usually finish each others sentences. Michael brings a deep gravitas and dignity to the often-murky world of marketing and advertising and when he gives his word it's as good as a signed contract.

Married with two grown-up daughters, Michael now has more time for golf than in previous years. Unfortunately the extra time hasn't improved his swing. Nor has it improved his hairline – he's still too tall for his hair.

Joanna Smith-Legge

Creative Director

Joanna graduated with a fine arts degree and is a gifted artist and illustrator. She is responsible for the overall theme of all of our websites and magazines. Dealing with the rest of the team is a task that requires to juggle many balls at the same time – we have never seen her drop one or lose her cool with the various egos that surround her. In her spare time she relaxes by walking, running, drinking red wine and drawing (not all at the same time).

Fiona Butler-Smythe

Special Projects Director

Fiona is our person-of-last resort in many cases. If there's a particularly tricky brief to be fulfilled it's Fiona who we turn to. Bringing a no-nonsense can-do attitude to everything she does make her truly indispensable. Graduating with a first class honours degree in engineering from Oxford university, she knows that everything has a solution if you can work out what the problem actually is.