14 November 2023

Timepieces: the watches worn by James Bond

Rolex, Seiko and, most recently, Omega have all adorned the wrist of fabled super-spy James Bond over the decades
31 October 2023

Timepieces: Dorset’s Elliot Brown Watches

Elliot Brown, a young company, in the darkest corners of south-west England, is writing a new story in horology and winning friends while doing so
4 September 2023

Comitti decision: the Perspex clock that’s fit for a queen

A Perspex furniture manufacturer, a traditional clock-maker and the Royal Warrant Holders Association have built a timepiece like nothing on earth
31 August 2023

Timepieces: 6 of the best pocket watches

Imagine life before any kind of portable timepiece. We look back at a revolutionary item, the world’s first wearable tech – the pocket watch
25 August 2023

Timepieces: 7 of the best pilot watches

The finest pilot-style watches remain as desirable today as in the early days of aviation – here are some of the finest of the new aviation-inspired timepieces
18 August 2023

Timepieces: the exotic watch faces of Frank Heydrich

After a hard day at the office designing jet engines for planes, Frank Heydrich likes to unwind by formulating and making watches