22 May 2023

Property: France; May 2023 offerings

Leggett Prestige has expanded further afield now venturing into Corsica as well as the heartland of France
27 February 2023

Property: France; February 2023 offerings

The properties from Leggett Prestige may stretch the wallet but are certainly filled with value, taste and exclusivity
30 March 2022

Property: France; April 2022 offerings

If you fancy a touch of indulgence in your domestic arrangement then look no further than France. Leggett Prestige has lots of options
27 February 2022

Property: France; February 2022 offerings

Living in France continues to have appeal. Large, well-appointed properties are available at reasonable prices via Leggett Prestige
12 May 2021

Property: Guernsey; May 2021 offerings

The Channel Island property marketing is booming and Livingroom Guernsey is at the forefront with exclusive offerings for all budgets
11 May 2021

Property: Jersey; May 2021 offerings

Island life couldn't be more appealing. Livingroom Jersey showcases some of the most spectacular properties ... whatever your budget