15 February 2021

Aviation: Piaggio’s distinctive new Avanti Evo

With its distinctive styling, fuel economy and high speed, the Piaggio Avanti Evo is looking to make inroads into the UK’s business aviation market
2 November 2020

Aviation: two historic Spitfires fly again

For aviation enthusiasts – and many others – there are few sounds as stirring as that of a Merlin engine – the device that powered the World War II Spitfire
19 October 2020

Aviation: Cloudmaster DC-6: restoring a classic

With sleek lines, a throaty roar and impressive heritage there are many parallels to be drawn between a Douglas DC-6 airliner and a classic car
7 October 2020

Aviation: Spitfire and Mustang; a vintage dogfight

You didn‘t get into a Spitfire, you strapped it on. That was a phrase coined by Battle of Britain pilot Geoffrey Wellum in his memoir