8 June 2023

Driving: Malibu motorbikes by Hazan

From his base in a former sewing factory in central Los Angeles, Hazan's motorbikes are custom-made roadworthy pieces of art
25 May 2023

Smart turnout: the return of the double-breasted suit

From smart and formal to casual and elegant, the double-breasted style is making a comeback; it can be seen everywhere this season
11 May 2023

Hand-made shotguns: right on target

Traditionally, an English gentleman would have seen a hand-made shotgun as an essential item of countryside kit. There are those who say that it still is
1 May 2023

Bellerby & Co: the craft of hand-made globes

The craft of creating exquisite, hand-made globes has been rediscovered and is flourishing in the unexpected precincts of a north London workshop
24 April 2023

High notes: your own bespoke perfume

Coco Chanel stated that a woman who does not wear perfume has no future. There’s no doubting the power of a beautiful fragrance
20 March 2023

Class act: the enduring appeal of the 3-piece suit

The three-piece suit can trace its origins to the lavish courts of 17th-century Europe and beyond and it’s still the smartest option in a gentleman’s wardrobe