Arts & Culture

31 March 2021

Collecting: classic travel posters gain a following

With their vibrant colours, inspired designs and insights into an often-vanished world, classic travel posters are gaining in popularity among collectors
16 February 2021

Istanbul’s master musical craftsmen

In Istanbul master craftsmen have created musical instruments for decades, but modernity is threatening their traditional workshops
14 February 2021

Art: Funds; a new model for collecting?

The history of art funds is chequered with partial successes and messy failures. Appealing though they may seem, they are fraught with difficulties
28 January 2021

Art: On collecting contemporary art

There are in fact multiple art worlds. Like a Venn diagram these worlds are related and sometimes connected, but they offer surprisingly different art
26 January 2021

Art: Justine Asprey; contemporary sculpture

Sculptor Justine Asprey has created a series of works portraying contemporary artists in the materials of their choice and inspiration
9 December 2020

Art: the value of the artist’s approach

The 90s world of cool Britannia brought a thriving art market at all levels. The zeitgeist boosted the idea of Young British contemporary art