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Gadgets – cyberpunk-inspired turntable

10 May 2023
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27 April 2023
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15 May 2023

Gadding around

Global audio lifestyle brand Gadhouse has unveiled Cosmo – a retro-inspired turntable

T aking customers on a journey back to the late 1990s and early 2000s, the Cosmo turntable’s design hails from Y2K culture and aesthetic, from flip phones and translucent materials to music from artists like Jamiroquai and Daft Punk, with futuristic space-inspired theming.

Cosmo is available in Lucid White and Midnight Black and will be available to purchase from 2 June 2023 at a recommended retail price of £159.

Building on Gadhouse’s global reputation for combining retro style with modern technology and features, Cosmo’s design looks back at an era of exciting technological advancements, from the birth of the world wide web to portable games consoles and MP3 players.

Cosmo’s portable, multi-functional design lets the listener enjoy music anywhere with vinyl, Bluetooth 5.3, radio and recording capability. The turntable comes with built-in speakers and a USB-C port for added convenience.

Gadhouse symbolises a vintage house with retro vibes, products packed full of features and modern technology, then finished with nostalgic and creative one-of-a-kind designs. Each product concept is based on a different human character, filling the brand with effortless style.

CEO Petch Teosuwan said: ‘Cosmo is the cool one in the Gadhouse family and Gadhouse’s first non-binary line of product. They’re the first to know all the latest innovations, music and tech news. They like to explore, try new things and think outside of the box.

Products [are] packed full of features and modern technology, then finished with nostalgic and creative one-of-a-kind designs

‘Cosmo is the perfect blend of stylish nostalgia and modern convenience. Boasting a sleek, see-through design, reminiscent of the iconic tech of the 90s and early 2000s, they're perfect for conjuring memories of good times from the past, while incorporating all the conveniences of modern technology.’

Bangkok-based Gadhouse, or ‘House of Gadgets’, designs newtro audio products which centre on stylish living, music, creativity and art. The brand combines the best of vintage audio design with modern technology and living.

Gadhouse has gained huge popularity across Asia and is set to shake up the traditional mass market UK audio scene with the release of several exciting products in 2023. The brand’s vision is to bring art, music and vintage culture to the UK, partnering with indie brands and working on exclusive collaborations.

For more information on Gadhouse visit their website.

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