The Nocturnal cocktail kit

5 March 2021
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24 February 2021
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The Sexton launches 'Noctails' only to be enjoyed in the dark

T he Sexton Malt Irish Whiskey launches the world’s first nocturnal cocktail kit, made of ingredients that thrive in the night-time, and designed to be enjoyed entirely in the dark

As spring steals away the dark days and long nights, The Sexton Single Malt Irish Whiskey is set to launch the world’s first ‘Noctails’ gift set: a limited-edition cocktail kit containing ingredients grown solely in the dark and designed to be enjoyed in total darkness.

Unconventional and edgy, The Sexton Whiskey satisfies even the most restless of spirits. A single malt to be drunk however you like…even in the dark, it inspires its flock to take the road less travelled and explore spaces and places where others fear to tread.

Inspired by the ‘Dans le Noir’ concept and science that proves ingredients, such as rhubarb, provide a sweeter, richer flavour when denied sunlight – just like The Sexton itself – the Irish whiskey has developed a 5D home-sensory experience like no other.

Through removing the visual cues that influence sensory expectations, it allows the drinker to smell and appreciate flavors better, as well as being more receptive to differences in taste, consistency and texture. ‘Noctails’ provide a truly alternative drinking adventure.

Both the whiskey-curious and those who like to go against the grain are encouraged to turn down the lights and draw the curtains for this once in a night-time elevated cocktail tasting occasion. If they dare.

In celebration of the unconventional and for those to whom eccentricity comes so easily, The Sexton’s mischievous team of mixologists have developed a nocturnal twist on two traditional whiskey cocktails for each pack. Whiskey fans, both new and old, can expect to indulge in the following cocktails:

• The Umami Old Fashioned, a revision of the classic Old Fashioned, containing mushrooms, maple syrup, Angostura bitters and of course, The Sexton Single Malt Whiskey

• The Rhubarb Sour, a midnight-take on The Whiskey Sour, featuring forced rhubarb, organic cinnamon, maraschino cherries and apple cider vinegar.

While sipping on some delicious cocktails that have never seen the light of day, lucky recipients will also be adorned with a host of items to enhance the experience, including a blindfold and QR code linking to a video guide to help achieve ‘Noctail’ mastery. So, strap yourself in, ignore any melatonin urges to go to bed, and embrace the darkness as your playground.

For more information on The Sexton or to find out more about Noctails visit The Sexton Whiskey Instagram page.

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