Firetree unwraps its latest chocolate temptations

11 January 2022
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10 January 2022
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12 January 2022

British chocolatier unveils exotic vegan attractions

B ritish Chocolatier Firetree recently brought five more options to the luxury end of the chocolate market. Its latest dark offerings, derived from cocoa beans grown in exotic venues such as the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and the Dominican Republic, are an eclectic bunch indeed.

This certainly isn’t your average chocolate. With cocoa content weighing in at between 72 per cent and 100 per cent, Firetree's latest are less for the sweet-toothed and more for those with a palette that's attuned to a fine wine or spirit.

Not only are the recent releases exotic in provenance and title they are also suitable for vegans, and by association the month of January where all things plant-based are nowadays de rigueur.

Options range from the ‘Indonesia, Seram Island’ bar, whose tasting notes include floral elements and a soupçon of toasted walnuts, to the ‘Vanuatu, Malekula Island’ option, which intriguingly promises a 'peated nose' followed by an 'unexpected finish'.

Firetree is based in the quaint Lincolnshire town of Stamford, with its production facility in the nearby, though less quaint, city of Peterborough.

To find out more go to Firetree's website.

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