A limited-edition off-roader from Morgan

2 October 2023
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15 September 2023
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3 October 2023

An eccentric limited edition off-roader from Morgan

M organ has gone off-road with the launch of its eccentrically entertaining, limited edition Plus Four CX-T.

Produced in conjunction with Rally Raid UK, a firm famed for creating Paris-Dakar race contenders, Morgan’s new off-roader includes a re-worked and strengthened suspension as well as extensive underbody and occupant protection.

The bad news is that the firm plans to build just eight of the vehicles, with a price tag of £170,000. It feels as though this is a motor whose value will only go up as the years pass.

The exterior of the Plus Four CX-T is designed to maximise luggage and equipment carrying capacity, the visible baggage bringing reminders of the great overland treks of former decades or the desert-crossing Jeeps of the wartime SAS.

In particular, the rear panel of the vehicle has been replaced with an equipment rack that houses two waterproof Pelican luggage cases, a Zarges aluminium tool/storage box, two Rotopax 11-litre containers and two spare wheel/tyre assemblies.

Mike Jones, of Rally Raid UK, said: 'Applying my experience of 13 Dakar Rallies, 60 Dakar vehicle builds and a lifetime of overland adventuring to an unconventional sports car such as a Morgan has been an interesting and rewarding project.'

He added: 'This is a genuine overland adventure vehicle and I look forward to seeing the incredible destinations that owners will find themselves in.'

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